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Zebra (Year 6)

Autumn Term 1

I hope that you all had a relaxing and safe six weeks holiday and are ready for the new school term! I am really excited to be meeting and teaching you all :). It has been a while since some of you have been in school (almost six months!) so I'm sure you are looking forward to normality and routine! This year, the children will have Miss Walker, Mrs Cripps and Mrs Anderson (mornings). We have so much to get through this year and will be starting as we mean to go on! 



In English this term,  we will be reading 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson. Maia, an orphan, can't wait to reach her distant relatives a thousand miles up the Amazon. She imagines a loving family with whom she will share great adventures. Instead she finds two spiteful cousins who see the jungle as the enemy and refuse to go outdoors. But the wonders of the rainforest more than make up for the hideous Carters. And when Maia meets a mysterious boy who lives alone on the wild river shores, she begins a spectacular journey to the heart of an extraordinary new world. 

 We will be focusing on: newspaper reports; writing in role as a wide range of characters within the book; letter and diary writing; an audio guide and a personal narrative. Grammar topics will be taught once a week as a discrete lesson and as starters five times a week. This term, we will be recapping concepts from year 3 - 5, including: nouns, verbs, adjectives, conjunctions, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, commas in lists, fronted adverbials, synonyms and antonyms and formality/ informality.Finally, spellings will be taught three times a week after lunch, with all practising and testing completed within school. We will be completing the year 5 spelling rules before moving onto year 6.



In maths this term, Zebra class will be recapping on a number of concepts and learning new topics. This includes: reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers up to 10,000,000; determining the value of digits up to 10,000,000; rounding whole numbers and decimals; negative numbers; algebra (generating linear sequences, finding all possibilities of combinations); multiplication and division; common factors, prime numbers and estimation. In lessons, children will have the opportunity to practise the 'fluency' of each concept before moving onto reasoning and problem solving. 

Each week, the class will get a chance to use Times Tables Rock Stars at school, as mental calculations are so important in all aspects of maths! Children can also use this website at home to develop their efficiency and accuracy in times tables. 


Topic: Mayans (civilisation, number and writing system, art, religion, atlas work);

Science: Light

Computing: Coding (once the IT suite has been reopened);

Art: creating Mayan masks using ModRoc (children will need to bring their own art t-shirt or apron in);

RE: Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?

PSHE: Being Me and Changing Me (this will include SRE topics, which will be discussed with you in future weeks). We will be focusing on a lot of PSHE concepts, due to COVID and the amount of time spent out of school. 


PE will take place twice a week: Monday with Mr Dickinson and Tuesday with Miss Walker. These sessions will not be contact sports until further notice due to COVID. Children need bring their PE kit in and leave it at school. 


Below, I have attached a range of websites for you to use while children are not in school or as additional homework. 







Writing and spellings, grammar and punctuation (GPS)