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Primary School

Lunsford: A Journey of Success and Excellence

Vision & Values


Our Vision Statement


At Lunsford we aim to create a nurturing, creative and inspiring environment which enables us to have valued, happy and independent learners.


Education here is for life not just the classroom. Our children leave us confident and well-mannered, with essential life skills. We will further our ambitions for our pupils by providing them with an outstanding and safe learning environment which encourages all learners to attempt new challenges and take risks with confidence.


At Lunsford, we take immense pride in our high standards and reputation. We are a school to which the whole school community, children, staff, parents and governors are proud to belong. We ensure that everyone is heard and their opinions understood and valued.


The school believe that there is no limit to what our pupils can achieve and it is our privilege to nurture the potential talents of all our pupils and to provide them with an effective springboard for their future: a “Journey of Success and Excellence” for every child at Lunsford.



Lunsford’s Golden Values



These Golden Values underpin what we do at Lunsford Primary School. They were chosen by the children and agreed as a whole school. They are displayed in our school hall to remind everyone of the values that underpin our school.


  • We are kind to everyone

  • We look after our environment both inside and outside

  • We help each other out

  • We do our best in everything we do

  • We are polite and show good manners

  • We are determined in our learning

  • We take responsibility for our behaviour and learning