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Lunsford: A Journey of Success and Excellence


Lunsford Primary School     


Lunsford - a journey of success and excellence


At Lunsford we aim to develop well rounded children who are ready both for the next stage of their education, and to play a full role in society. To this end, we have designed our wider curriculum carefully to ensure that pupils have a broad and balanced experience in school. Staff work hard to ensure that pupils experience a rich curriculum, based on key skills, transferable knowledge and vocabulary, delivered in a carefully sequenced way. Key skills are developed through practice and experiential learning. Full use is made of both the indoor and outdoor learning environments, with our core values underpinning the curriculum.  We recognise that our school is unique and that our pupils deserve a curriculum that is both distinct and relevant to them.

Whilst our curriculum is based on the  National Curriculum, we choose our topics carefully to reflect the interests of both staff and children, aiming to instill in all a passion for learning and a thirst for knowledge. Subject specialist teaching is used in some areas to support this approach. Pupils have the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways, ensuring that all learners have the opportunity to experience success. Sports and the arts, including music, are integral to life at Lunsford and we aim to celebrate and develop each child’s individual talents and abilities in all areas.


Therefore, our intent at Lunsford is to design and deliver a curriculum which enables our pupils to develop key skills for their futures;

  • Learning how to collaborate and work hard individually and as part of an effective team,
  • Learning to persevere, understanding the purpose of trial and error and the positive ways in which we can learn from our mistakes,
  • Understanding that they will be responsible for finding solutions to problems
  • Developing a strong sense of respect for themselves promoting and developing their own wellbeing and celebrating their individuality
  • Learning to celebrate the diversity and differences in the world around them, being kind and considerate of the views and strengths and needs of others.


In order to ensure that children are enabled, supported and encouraged to develop these key skills, the whole staff have worked together to design a cohesive, progressive and exciting curriculum for delivery.


At Lunsford we work hard to celebrate and recognise the strengths, and also the progress of all, valuing personal development and encouraging our pupils to challenge themselves.