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Panda (Year R)


Welcome to Term 3 in Panda Class! 

This term our topic is 'Amazing Animals'





This term we are looking at lots of different types of animals. We will describe what they look like and the noises they make. We will also look at what they eat and their habitats. 

What is your favourite animal? 

What does it look like? 

can you describe it? 


Phonics and reading

We are now able to read words! Use your sounds to build words and then blend them together to read. 


s   a   t    = sat 


p   i    n    = pin 


ch   o   p   = chop 


Read your book with an adult at home and keep trying to segment and blend words. 

We are also learning tricky words that we can't sound out. 

 Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To - Bing video 


In maths we are looking at the composition of the numbers 1- 5. We will look at pictures that represent the amount and learn how to spot the numbers without counting! 

We will have games and activities that are in the classroom and outside so that the children can continue to learn about numbers. 

Later on in the term we will look at mass and experiment with different objects and discuss if they are heavy or light. We will compare objects and decide if they are heavier or lighter. 

We will investigate mass in the outside area with sand, water, construction and the mud kitchen.

Forest school:

On a Monday afternoon the children go out into the Forest School with Mrs Davies. They will learn through being in nature and choose to take part in activities and craft. 


Useful information:


Remember the children need a water bottle everyday please. 

Make sure all clothing is named. 

Please let members of staff know if there is a change of adult picking up via Tapestry.