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History is a subject that appeals to young learners and we aim to make it engaging for our pupils by choosing subjects that we know will interest them......

History starts as soon as a child is born and in school we teach it from the moment they enter. 

EYFS - the children talk about the order of the school day, what came before, what comes next and in their Early Learning Goal expectations they need to: 

- talk about past and present events in their own lives and in the lives of their family members. 

Key Stage 1 children begin with what they know and consider changes in Home life, School and holidays and compare the past with the equivalent today. We also find the children love the topics about knights and castles, the Great Fire of London, and the lives of famous people such as Florence Nightingale, and Guy Fawkes.

In Key Stage 2 the children learn about:

Year 3 = the romans in Kent, Stone Age, famous sea captains

Year 4 = ancient Egyptians, the Anglo-Saxons, World War 2 in Kent

Year 5 = The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, Ancient Greece, The Titanic

Year 6 = The Mayan Civilisation, The Victorians, 


Children learn the facts but are also taught the skills of the historian: investigation and research, careful analysis of fact, opinion versus fact, the use of first and secondary sources and so on. Much of the children's English work and art work will centre on the history topic of the term and on any visit to the school you will see examples of history work somewhere on the display boards!

History Whole School Progression Document: