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Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 6th February Lunsford celebrated Safer Internet Day! The theme for this year was 'Inspiring Change: making a difference, managing influence and change online'. 




Digital Leaders delivered an assembly to the whole school about Safer Internet Day. They spoke about the importance of staying safe online, what online issues could arise and who they could talk to if any online issues were to happen. They also discussed the different changes you may come across online and how we can feel when those changes happen. 


KS1 read Mo and Jaz's story. Panda Class discussed the story and spoke about the characters emotions. Elephant Class discussed scenarios that may make them feel sad and happy when online. Giraffe Class discussed what they like to do online and who their trusted adults are if anything were to go wrong online. 


KS2 completed various activities exploring how technology has changed overtime. Lion Class designed future digital devices and thought about what they would want them to be able to do in the next 20 years. 


Koala Class discussed different scenarios online and how we can be easily persuaded by things we see online. 


Tiger Class discussed how we can be easily influenced by the things we see online and how we can overcome those. 


Zebra Class designed their own online influencers!