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Lunsford: A Journey of Success and Excellence

Giraffe (Year 2)

Welcome to Year 2!


Giraffe Class are taught by Miss Kilvington and supported by Mrs James. Mrs Dove teaches in Giraffe Class on Tuesday mornings.

We are using Class Dojo again this year to reinforce positive behaviour in and around school. If you would like to get in contact with me you can message me on Dojo, however for anything that may require a meeting then please find me on the playground in the morning/after-school or contact the Office - 


As the children are now in Year 2, we are really promoting an independent attitude to learning. This year we encourage the children to take on more responsibility in the classroom and think for themselves more.


Websites that may be useful (see more links to resources at the bottom of this class page) - 

General (there are free resources for all of the curriculum) (there are free resources for all of the curriculum) (learning across all of the curriculum - see login details)


Maths (times tables practice - see login details) (number bonds, times tables, division facts, halves/doubles) (great free resources that we use across the school to plan Maths)


Reading/English (good for e-books and online reading) (amazing for story writing or creative writing) (good examples for writing)


Science (experiments/investigations you can do at home) (experiments/investigations you can do at home)




 - We have grouped the children into guided reading groups that will read with myself or Mrs James at least once a week, however we aim for more than this.

 - The children are now expected to give in their book bag when they come into school in the morning if all of their reading books have been read completely, so they are then able to change them during the day.

 - We expect at least 10 mins of reading at home everyday and for this to be recorded inside the children's reading records. If this is not recorded, then reading books are not changed. When reading with your child, try to ask them questions about what they are reading i.e. how do you know ___ feels that way? what do you think will happen next? what does that word mean?



Each Wednesday the children will take home two pieces of homework (usually 1x Maths and 1x English/SPaG) in their homework books. This will be activities that we have done in class so the children should be able to complete this as independently as possible.  Homework will be due back in the following Monday, unless stated otherwise.



PE will be on Monday (Mr Dickinson will teach this lesson) and Wednesday each week. If your child wears earrings, please can these be taken out before school. Your child needs to have weather appropriate clothing in their PE kit, especially in the colder months. This also applies for forest school sessions!


Speaking and Listening - Shoeboxes

Every Friday, six children will take home a shoebox. This is part of our learning around speaking and listening, as we have highlighted that this is something the children need to improve this year. Children will fill the shoebox with something of interest to them that they wish to share with the class. We will then take part in small group discussions about what is inside the shoeboxes, with each child taking on a role in the discussion and building upon their speaking and listening skills. Instructions on how to fill the shoebox are on the inside of the lid, and should be returned to school by the following Monday.


Term 4



English - '10 Things I can do to Help my World' by Melanie Walsh/'Out and About -  A Book of First Poems' by Shirley Hughes

* 10 Things I can do to Help my World is a non-fiction book that explains how we can save our planet, such as by turning off taps, using less plastic and not wasting electricity. We will then link this with Out and About which is a book of poetry about the outdoors.

* Every Monday we will also be writing recounts of our weekend news or writing short stories about a picture to practice our sentence structuring skills, vocabulary, grammar and fluency.

SPaG - Apostrophe for possession (Daniel's scarf), tenses, suffixes 

Maths -

* General arithmetic practice (2 more and 2 less, 1 more and 1 less, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions of amounts, number bonds to 10/20/100)

* Recapping counting in 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's in different contexts 

* Using number lines and finding missing numbers on number lines

* Partitioning numbers in different ways (i.e. 34 = 30 + 4, 20 + 14, 10 + 24, 0 + 34)

* Fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4 of shapes and amounts, understanding the links between 1/2 and 2/4)

* Time (o'clock, half past, quarter past/to, telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes, reading clocks/putting hands on clocks, hours and days, how many minutes in an hour/half an hour?, how many hours in a day?, how many days in a week?)

* Measurement (length/height in cm/m, mass/weight in g/kg, capacity/volume in ml/l, temperature in degrees ºc)

Science - Plants

Geography- Comparing where we live with a small island in Scotland (The Isle of Coll)

RE - Who is Jewish and what do they believe?

PSHE - Relationships

Art - Food technology

Computing - Creating and debugging programs