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Lunsford: A Journey of Success and Excellence

Parent and Pupil Surveys

Pupil Wellbeing Survey 2024

EYFS Parent Questionnaire 2023/24

Please click on the link to see our 2023/24 Parent's voice regarding Reception Class. 

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to complete the survey and add their comments. 

Ofsted Parent Survey Results - June 2023 

Thank you to all the parents who completed the Parent View questions.

Please see the link below for the results:

Parents Consultations - March 2023

Thank you to everyone that attended the recent Parent Consultations - 206 out of 208 (99%) parents liaised with the class teachers. 


We really appreciate the feedback parent's left in our Class Comment Books:


“It’s been lovely to come in and see XXXXs books to see how well he is progressing.”


"Thank you for letting us come in and see XXXX's books. What a lovely positive experience. We are very proud parents."


"It’s great to see XXXX’s books and what she has been learning. Thank you."


"It was lovely to see XXXX's books and to see his progress. Thank you."


"It was great to see XXXX's books and speak to Mrs Pring about XXXX's progress and to hear how well she is doing."


"XXXX loves her learning at Lunsford and it has been great to see her progress in such a short space of time! Mrs Pring makes the learning fun and Mila enjoys the fantastic imaginary play scenarios including vets and doctors."


"We are so impressed by XXXX's progress. He is really enjoying school and we are very grateful for all the hard work Mrs Pring has put in. Thank you!"


“Lovely to look through XXXX's workbooks. So happy he has such a positive time at school. So happy he is thriving. Thank you so much. Proud parents.”


"Excellent presentation of books – so lovely to see. XXXX absolutely loves school and spends a lot of time at home pretending to be at school…..and to be you Miss White!!! The progress XXXX has made with her reading and writing is fantastic."


"I really like the new approach to phonics and the repetition of practicing the same book over and over to gain confidence. This is really helping to instill her passion in reading."


"Thank you teachers for helping XXXX out. He has made immense progress in his English and Maths. Great to have such good teachers in Lunsford."


"Thank you for all of your support and help with XXXX. She always speaks highly of all her teachers and school."


"Really pleased with XXXX progress. He has come on brilliantly in Year 4. The new school looks amazing!"


"Beautiful classroom and display work."

EYFS Parent Survey 2023

Please find the link below to see our most recent Parent Survey


Parent's comments:

My child has been very happy and is very positive to go to school.”


My child has settled really well into school life at Lunsford. The transitions they have had have been well planned and handled and despite a change of building and teacher within the first 3 terms he has remained settled and loved every day at school. The provision seems wide and varied and he has made good progress across all areas of learning. We are really happy with his start to formal education!


“(My son) is really enjoying his time in reception and has really warmed to Mrs Pring. We love to hear all about the adventures and learning that happens in class and Jack is thriving. Mrs Pring and Mrs Bruckin go above and beyond to offer exciting learning opportunities through play and deliver them with great energy and enthusiasm, thank you :)  Tapestry is a great tool to keep parents up to date and Mrs Pring is fantastic at sharing lots with the families.   Thank you for all your hard work and dedication :)




“(My son) absolutely loves going to school every day. He is always so excited to come home and share all the fun activities he has done each day. We are so pleased with the progress he is making and that he has had such a brilliant start to his time at Lunsford.


“(My daughter) very much enjoys her time in reception class, she's always got positive things to say and looks forward to going to school every morning.


I’m so happy with the progress (my daughter) has made since she has started at Lunsford. I have told my friends about the school and how happy I am about the school and I would definitely recommend the school to people.


My son loves school, I feel he has a wonderful class and teachers.


“(My daughter) has loved her time in reception with her new teacher Mrs Pring. (She) is always excited to tell me what they’ve been up to and she lets me know when it’s a special day eg Chinese New Year etc. (She) enjoys being busy and loves learning new things and we feel that Mrs Pring has fulfilled this very well - your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you.”

Pupil Premium and SEN Pupil Survey:

Pupil Premium Pupil Comments  

“Lunsford is a good school and the teachers are kind and you can speak to them “ Y6 pupil 

“The quality of learning is very high. There is always someone to talk to.” Y6 pupil 

“Everyone is perfect here. The teachers are always nice. The headteacher is the best.” Y4 pupil 

“Lunsford is fun and safe”  Y3 pupil 

“Teachers help you and they are really nice. We get to play instruments which is good.” Y3 pupil 

“Lunsford is a really nice place – when I get to Year 6 I won’t want to leave. People also care about me here.” Y3 pupil 

“Teachers always help you out if you are stuck. There is a lot of friendship here with no bullies. Seeing my friends, computing and art are my favourite things.” Y6 pupil 

“It’s an amazing school and the care policy for us children is amazing.” Y5 pupil 


SEN Pupil Comments

“It’s a good school because the adults help you if you need help” Y6 pupil 

“I think Lunsford is a good school because we always have teachers that are there when we need them. The school is a friendly place.” Y5 pupil 

“I like the teachers, the headteacher and lunch. The jacket potatoes are the best.” Y4 pupil 


Lunsford Parent and Carer Survey 2022

Please find below a link to the Parent and Carer Survey Results for 2022

Lunsford Parent and Carer Survey 2021


Please find below a link to our 2021 parent/carer survey:

Lunsford Parent and Carer Survey 2021


We would be most grateful if you could complete the survey on or before Monday 5th July 2021.



Please click on the link to see our Parent View results from our most recent Ofsted: