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Lunsford: A Journey of Success and Excellence

Design and Technology

At Lunsford, the pupils enjoy practical and hands-on learning, which is why we encourage them to get involved with DT projects that link to other areas of the curriculum.

DT is completed throughout Lunsford. In EYFS, the children begin to make products by selecting from a materials and explain their ideas through talking and showing others through play. In KS1, the pupils develop this understanding of design and technology by designing products fit for a practical purpose and can select from different tools and materials to make these ideas come to life. They then evaluate their products with their peers. In Key Stage 2, the children work both individually and groups, where they are given a design brief and an opportunity to look at and examine existing products. Then, they plan, design, make and evaluate their own product. Working in groups gives children an opportunity to develop "hidden " skills of negotiating, sharing, listening and respecting each other's ideas. The children also get to experience cooking through on-going projects such as making pizzas, cakes and salads, and begin to grasp an understanding of nutrition and diet. Food technology gives pupils the opportunity to research, design, make and evaluate their creations, whilst also providing an understanding of essential cooking skills.

The D & T curriculum at Lunsford allows for the exploration and use of a variety of materials and tools. While working on their tasks, children use materials such as wood, textiles, card, mouldable and recyclable materials and also learn how to safely use a range of tools including hack saws, drills and glue guns.  It is important that children learn to select the most appropriate tools, materials and methods for their project, and explore how their product can be further improved to fit its purpose.

We have  achieved a great variety of projects in the past. Past projects have included bridge building, making money containers, packaging for delicate objects, constructing chairs in response to a piece of music, making puppets, bird watching dens, hats, trophies, vehicles for fairy tell characters and many more.