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Lion (Year 3)

   Welcome to Lion Class! 


Welcome to Term 2!


Hi we warmly welcome you to our class page. This page is here to give you some information about life in Year 3! 


Lion class is taught by Mrs Sandmann and we are supported by Mrs Hull. On a Monday Mrs Corner teaches the children topic and RE and then takes the children swimming in the afternoon. 


Home learning 

Home learning is sent out on a Wednesday and is expected back in the following Tuesday. If you are struggling with any part of the homework please pop a note on Dojos or in the homework book and I will discuss it with you. 



The enjoyment of reading is one of the biggest gifts you can have! I aim to share my passion and love of reading with you all. We have many new and exciting texts that we will share as the year progresses. We have a class text that we read for pleasure. We are logging the number of books we can read this year! I wonder what our total number will be? 


Our class text at the moment is...….


So far we are finding it really funny! 



In Term 2 we will be looking at the text Leon and the place between written by Angela Mcallister. It is about a little boy who goes to the circus and magical things you believe?




Closer to Christmas we will choose a Christmas themed text which we will share and explore!



We will be looking more closely at multiplication and division in Term 2. Make sure you are still practicing your 3x 6 x and 8x and corresponding division facts. Use TT Rockstars too and enjoy collecting the coins!

We will also learn more about measures.



We have swimming on a Monday and PE on a Friday afternoon. Long hair must be tied back and earrings taken out please. 



Mrs Corner is teaching the children all about Brazil. Can you find out any information about the country and what the physical and human features are?



As the darker evenings draw in, we will be investigating light. Dark is the absence of light. We will investigate how to make shadows and how light travels.