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Maths support for parents


The Oxford University Press have developed this site to support parents in helping their children with mathematics. You'll find lots of advice and support, games and activity ideas for how best to help your children develop as a mathematician. There's also information on what is taught in primary school maths lessons, and what some of the 'jargon' means!


Playing maths games


 Maths games don't have to be computer-based; there are lots of ways you can bring maths to life for your child through simple games and activities. Whether out shopping, using the concept of money to develop your child's arithmetic skills, or helping them to better understand measurement when baking or putting together the new rabbit's hutch, there's always an opportunity for a maths moment!


Board games can be great for developing a child's maths skill. Children will become comfortable in pattern spotting and playing with numbers. These include: Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Shut the Box, Darts, Dominoes and Mancala.