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Lunsford: A Journey of Success and Excellence

Pupil Voice

Pupil Premium and SEN Pupil Survey 2022 - 2023:

Pupil Premium Pupil Comments  

“Lunsford is a good school and the teachers are kind and you can speak to them “ Y6 pupil 

“The quality of learning is very high. There is always someone to talk to.” Y6 pupil 

“Everyone is perfect here. The teachers are always nice. The headteacher is the best.” Y4 pupil 

“Lunsford is fun and safe”  Y3 pupil 

“Teachers help you and they are really nice. We get to play instruments which is good.” Y3 pupil 

“Lunsford is a really nice place – when I get to Year 6 I won’t want to leave. People also care about me here.” Y3 pupil 

“Teachers always help you out if you are stuck. There is a lot of friendship here with no bullies. Seeing my friends, computing and art are my favourite things.” Y6 pupil 

“It’s an amazing school and the care policy for us children is amazing.” Y5 pupil 


SEN Pupil Comments

“It’s a good school because the adults help you if you need help” Y6 pupil 

“I think Lunsford is a good school because we always have teachers that are there when we need them. The school is a friendly place.” Y5 pupil 

“I like the teachers, the headteacher and lunch. The jacket potatoes are the best.” Y4 pupil