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School Council


A school council is group of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all and who work hard to improve their school.  Lunsford Primary School Council is made up of 14 members, including our Chairperson and School Council Secretary. We have regular meetings throughout the year.


Our role is to act as link between the children in our class, the School Council, the Senior Leadership Team and the Governors of Lunsford Primary School. As members of the School Council we have a special role in making sure that the children in our school have a voice and opportunities to evaluate and develop Lunsford, so that it continues to grow. Each member of the Council is elected through a democratic process, providing children with individual liberty to empower choices around their education.

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Our first school council meeting: (October)

In our first meeting we:

  • Met each other.
  • Handed out school council badges.
  • Found out our chosen charity for the year.
  • Discussed our topics for further meetings.

School council meeting - November

School council met on Wednesday 13th November to discuss the ICT suite and to find a solution for the headphone problem. We had 30 new headphones a year or so ago and in this time due to poor care from the children not all of the headphones are working. We tried to come up with a long term solution to enable each child the right equipment to learn in computing lessons. Watch this space!

We also touched upon the new cooking area coming soon and our requirements. Each member of school council took away a piece of paper to scribe ideas down for their class.

On Tuesday 19th November the school council representatives brought back the wish lists from their classes. I will then collate these ideas and we will pose these to Mr Anscombe.

School council meeting - December

On Friday 6th December the chair and secretary were given the class lists to collate.