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Science Week

8th March - 15th March 2021


We would love to share with you how we are celebrating science week in school and for you to have an opportunity to get involved at home too! Please find below the letter that has been emailed to parents along with the competition entry form. Have fun and we look forward to some super science this week!


Mrs Adams

Science Lead







If you are feeling inspired and would like to try some fun science activities at home, why not have a look at some of the suggested activities below. You might even have some of your own ideas that you would like to investigate. Whatever you choose to do, it would be lovely if you could share your learning with your teacher and class. You could even bring in a photograph or something to show the class what you have done!


The Science Curriculum


The science curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that every child has experience of, and a chance to revisit, work in Materials, Physical Properties and Life Processes. In addition, children are asked to plan, test and conclude upon their own hypotheses and find appropriate ways of recording their findings. In the Early Years, science work is organised within topics such as 'People who help us' or 'Under the sea'. As children progress through the school, the science work is specifically subject based.
The science curriculum in Tiger and Zebra classes includes growth and development and the school uses this as a natural way to introduce some aspects of sex education and health education. The community nurse helps to provide information and works with the governors, parents and teachers to make sure that children’s questions are handled sensibly and sensitively. Parents are always informed before topics of this nature are undertaken.

If you have any questions regarding the teaching of science at Lunsford or would like to offer your support in some way, you are welcome to contact Rebecca Adams, science leader and Koala class teacher.