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Lunsford: A Journey of Success and Excellence

What Has FoLS Fundraising Been Spent On?

- The Trim Trail on the playing field

- FoLS Shed

- 15 new computers and blinds for the IT suite

- Fencing to extend Reception class outdoor area

- Fencing between playgrounds

- Play & outdoor equipment and lots of Sand for year 1 & 2

- Outdoor storage units for year 1 & 2

- Clearing of the school pond.

- Cooking equipment for Forest School

- Helped towards the costs of building Matilda & the Tree in Reception

- Sofa, storage units and baskets for the Library

- Christmas gifts every year for each class room

- Set of Rain/ Puddle suits & hanging rail for Reception class

- Replacement section of the hall stage

- Pergolas on the playing field

- Posts and sails for shade outside of year 1

- Replacement of lunchtime outdoor play equipment

- Petrol powered leaf blower/sucker