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Tiger (Year 5)

Spellings for Term 4 (20 of each week)

Welcome to Tiger - Year 5!


Welcome to Year 5 who are known as Tiger Class. We are taught by Miss Walker and supported by Mrs Jacobs. In year 5 children are given raffle tickets for positive behaviours, so there is potential for a prize every Friday!


Keep an eye on this page as it will be updated regularly throughout the year giving information about what we are learning about.


Spring - Term 2


Can you believe it? We are half way through the school year already! Our show assembly is also on the second day back! This term we will be reading the text 'The Viewer,' which is a picture book. It doesn't contain a lot of writing, but the images should allow for a lot of discussion. Throughout the term the class will be writing diary entries, undertaking a debate and creating their own viewer personal to them. Mrs Corner will be continuing to teach key English grammar concepts, which will include adverbials, different prefixes and the importance of correct punctuation in speech. 


In maths, we are finishing our decimals, percentages and fractions topic with word problems and understanding the relation between the three. Further topics being taught this term include: continuous and discrete data in statistics; reading and understanding scales; solving problems using information from a line graph and interpreting information found in timetables. 


Our science topic this term is a continuation from the previous one, which is forces. We will be exploring water resistance, friction and gears, levers and pulleys. These lessons will involve a lot of independent experimentation, in which children are expected to write up their findings and give a prediction and conclusion.


In our History topic, we will be studying the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. This will include identifying kingdoms and settlements, discussing their beliefs, and understanding the events of 1066. The class will also be attending a school trip to Kent Life, in which they will immerse themselves in different activities relevant to this topic. All information for this school trip will be sent out in due course. 


In RE, children will be looking at Islam, particularly the Five Pillars with Mrs Corner. Now that the Young Voices is over, the class will be creating musical compositions that relate to a particular Anglo-Saxon God. This will include planning using graphical notation, using tuned and un-tuned instruments and both self and peer assessing work. In French, we are continuing with the human body and the different parts, both speaking and writing.


Spring - Term 1


We are already a third of the way through the school year! This term our English is linked very closely to our Topic, which is the Ancient Greeks. We will be reading the text 'The Adventures of Odysseus', and throughout the term the class will be writing letters, play scripts and an additional chapter to the book. As ever, please remember to continue reading at home, as this assists them with their writing.


We will be continuing with key English grammar concepts, such as using different types of punctuation to add subordinate clauses, fronted adverbials, tenses and commas to clarify meaning.


In maths, we are now moving onto fractions, decimals and percentages. Topics being taught this term include: equivalent fractions, mixed and improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators, and comparing and ordering fractions. Arithmetic tests will continue once a week to ensure that mental methods are continuing to be used.


Our Science topic for this term is Forces, in which we will be exploring friction, air resistance, water resistance and gravity through a number of different experiments. If the children already have some knowledge about different forces, or have anything that they would like to bring in, please feel free to bring it in.


In our History topic, we will be studying the Ancient Greeks. This will include looking at the differences between modern and Ancient Greece, the Olympic Games and the myths that have come from this part of history.


In PSHE, we will be discussing body image and how this is portrayed in the media. In French, we are moving on to the human body and being able to say and write different body parts. In Music, we will continue to practise songs for the Young Voices concert, as there are only a few weeks left now!


This term we will be starting our Forest School activities, which will relate to our topic of the Ancient Greeks. 


Autumn - Term 2


This term our English curriculum is based on the text, Tom's Midnight Garden in which we will be using both the chapter book and the graphic novel. This gives the children chance to use images to understand and improve their comprehension skills. Throughout the term we will be writing descriptive passages, alternative stories and Victorian-style letters. 


Please remember to continue reading at home, and where possible document this in your Reading Record. The 40 reads of year 5 are still available for the children to read throughout the year. As of yet, I have not had any reviews from anybody in the class.


We will be continuing our understanding of English grammar throughout the term by looking at the following concepts: expanded noun phrases, tenses, commas within a list and relative clauses.


In Maths, we have completed work on the four operations and are now moving onto geometry and measure. The class have worked really hard since September to apply their knowledge of mathematical concepts to reasoning and problem solving activities. This in turn has embedded their understanding, leading to improved test scores. Topics being taught this term include: shape, angles, perimeter and coordinates, and then moving onto fractions, a new concept for the year.


Our Science topic for this term is Materials, in which we will be exploring different experiments to test the properties, such as thermal and electrical conductivity.  If the children have anything that they would like to bring in which is related to our topic, this would be greatly appreciated.


In our History topic we are learning all about the Titanic. The children have really enjoyed this so far, and are looking forward to our 'immersion' day!


In RE we will be learning about the important journeys involved in Christianity, particularly related to Christmas. In PSHE we are discussing children's positive and negative feelings and how to control these appropriately. In French we are moving onto learning the key vocabulary to describe parts of the human body. In Music we are continuing to practise songs for the Young Voices concert in January. 



Autumn - Term 1


This term our English curriculum is based on our book, The Last Wild by Piers Torday. This is a story of a boy called Kester, who finds himself living in an Academy for challenging children. Can he save the world's animals from extinction, even though he doesn't speak? This exciting text gives the children scope to write newspaper reports, diary entries and the creation of alternative endings.


Within the year 5 classroom, the children will find a display highlighting the '40 reads of year 5' - this is a list of books which I have recommended the children read throughout the year. Once they have read one of the books, they will need to write a short review; anyone that completes all 40 will be getting a prize! Unfortunately I do not have a copy of all of the books, so it might be worth investing in a library card if you don't have one already!


We will be furthering our understanding of English grammar by beginning to introduce new concepts in line with the National
Curriculum, including modal verbs and relative clauses.


In Maths we will be recapping our understanding of place value, something that underpins many mathematical concepts. In coming weeks, we will be moving onto the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) and linking these to written problems. The class will be focussing on reasoning and problem solving in every lesson, applying their knowledge to a variety of different questions.


Our Science topic this term is Space, in which we will be exploring planets, the Moon, and the different theories that people had about the world. If the children have anything that they would like to bring in which is related to our topic, this would be greatly appreciated.


In RE we will be learning about the different life stages in Judaism, such as birth, marriage and the coming of age. In PSHE we will be looking at healthy living by debating a variety of issues.  


Our Art work is linked to the extraordinary book that we are studying in English, and will include visualising a setting and comparing the book to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


Geography will involve learning about extreme weather in North America, and making a decision about which is the most destructive.


PE days will be Monday ( Mr Dickinson ) and Tuesday. Please make sure PE kits are in school everyday. 




Spellings are sent home every Monday to be tested the following week. Please help your child to learn their spellings. If children are consistently getting full marks, at half term myself and Mrs Jacobs will make the decision about adding more to learn.


Year 5 children are expected to have instant recall of all their times tables up to 12 x 12. We have a challenge every Wednesday where we try to answer 100 questions right in 5 minutes.  Some of the questions will involve division facts. Children are now able to use the website 'Times Tables Rock Stars' and have their own personal log in - this gives them a chance to improve their instant recall. 


Homework will be given out on Thursday to be handed in on Wednesday; children have a two strike rule and if not brought in on time two weeks in a row, will have to complete it either at break or lunchtime.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding homework, please get your child to speak to Miss Walker or Mrs Jacobs before it is due in.

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