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Digital Leaders

10 keen and ambitious Year 5 pupils have been selected as Digital Leaders.  They all produced outstanding application forms and proved that they are ready to develop and enhance the school. 

Congratulations to: Lydia, Katy, Leo, Zachary, Dillian, Joshua, Ashley, Emily, Ethan and Jacques. 


These children  will attend a termly meeting with staff and our Online Safety governor and will be the 'experts' in the group for online safety.  This group will lead discussions and assemblies to help educate the whole school community. 


Our Digital Leaders will be crucial in ensuring we keep talking about online safety and continue to offer an effective programme to educate children about both the benefits and risks of the online world.


7 of the above children have already attended E-Safety Ambassador training and have started to train the other 3 who were unable to attend. As well as this they are preparing games and PowerPoint presentations to develop awareness of how to stay safe online to the whole school later this week. 

This week our digital leaders are heading into classes to support our pupils to stay safe online. Below is one of the presentations that 2 digital leaders created to support their lesson.

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