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Digital Leaders

Coming Soon !!!!!  Digital Leaders will be introduced at Lunsford from October 2017.


Mrs Root-Hicks has spoken to all of Year 5, who are in the process of completing their application forms. These will be handed on Wednesday 4th October at 9 am and if successful they will go through to round 2 and complete a coding practical activity on Thursday 5th October. We will know our Digital Leaders by Friday 6th. So watch this space!  

Digital Leaders will attend a termly meeting with staff and our Online Safety governor and will be the 'experts' in the group for online safety.  This group will lead discussions and assemblies to help educate the whole school community. 


Our Digital Leaders will be critical in ensuring we keep talking about online safety and continue to offer an effective programme to educate children about both the benefits and risks of the online world.

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