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Lion (Year 3)

Lion Class!!

Year 3!


This year your class teacher is Miss Wickison, we are also very lucky to have Mrs Corner on a Wednesday morning.  Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Coster, we also have Mrs Anderson and Mrs Lewis-Webber supporting children in the class. We are all here to help and make your time in Lion Class as happy as possible.

Our class motto is: 'Lions take pride in their work' and all we ask is that you try your best at all times and challenge yourselves!  As together we can earn but only if we're willing to accept a challenge! We believe in having fun when learning and make our lessons as interactive as possible. We also believe that mistakes should not be something to worry about as we cannot learn without mistakes, it is simply a part of learning.  So please, have a go! 

Curriculum Information.


Our History topic this half term is the Sea Explorers taught by Mrs Corner!


Our Science topics this term is Forces and Magnets!!!


Lion Class's Library day is on a Wednesday this term, I know that that class enjoy the opportunity to explore the library and choose new books to read that might not be available in the classroom!  It has been interesting to see the wide range of books that Lion Class have chosen over the past two terms!


In Maths topics change frequently, but you should be learning your times tables; especially 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 x tables for tests on a Friday afternoon. At home, you should be practicing their mental maths skills and strategies to help with basic number skills. We expect you to know your number bonds to 10 and 20.



Every week Lion Class will be asked to complete an Arithmetic Test at home, due in the following Monday.  The children will highlight the Test in their books and they will be marked the Monday that they are due.  Children do not need to complete these questions within a time, this is simply to provide the class with the opportunity to practice their arithmetic on a regular basis.


Lion Class are also going to have a piece of homework over several weeks.  Lunsford is going to take part in a Science Day on the 27th March, Mrs Adams has discussed with the school the Science in a Box/Shoe Box concept, this will be due on the 26th of March for the whole class.



Spellings!!! 1

Home reading

Regular reading at home and keeping your reading record up to date is important to build on reading done at school.  Reading records will be collected in on Mondays. Now you are in the Juniors, changing finished books is your responsibility and your books must be in school every day please. There is also time for quiet reading most afternoons, this allows our students time to read their books in their own time and enjoy books, this will mean that this time will not be recorded in their Reading Record books but as Juniors they are expected to follow what they have read responsibly.

Many thanks Miss Wickison

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