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Lion (Year 3)

Lion Class!!

Year 3!


This year your class teachers are Miss Wickison, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and Mrs Corner, on Wednesday.  Our class teaching assistant is Mr Murray. We are all here to help and make your time in Lion Class as happy as possible.

Our class motto is: 'Lion's take pride in their work' and all we ask is that you try your best at all times and challenge yourselves!  As together we can earn but only if we're willing to accept a challenge! We believe in having fun when learning and make our lessons as interactive as possible. We also believe that mistakes should not be something to worry about as we cannot learn without mistakes, it is simply a part of learning.  So please, have a go! 

Class Dates!

17th April - Bank Holiday Monday,

2nd May - Children's May Country Dancing Performance 2:30pm,

3rd May - Lion Class Show Assembly 9:30am,

14th June - Lion Class Trip

28th June - Sports Day

4th and 5th July - 7pm - Junior Production (Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits)

Curriculum Information.


Our History topic this term will be Sea Voyages with Mrs Corner!  This then means that after half term we will switch to Geography and will be learning about Rivers!


Whilst in Science we will be moving on to Forces and Magnets!  Lots of experiments and exploring how forces affect the world around us!topics for the Summer term; Sea Voyages and Rivers

In Science, we will be studying Forces and Magnets!


Lion Class's Library day is on a Thursday this year, I know that that class enjoy the opportunity to explore the library and choose new books to read that might not be available in the classroom!  It has been interesting to see the wide range of books that Lion Class have chosen over the past two terms!


In Numeracy topics change frequently, but you should be learning your times tables; especially 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 x tables for tests on a Wednesday with Mrs Corner. At home you should be practising their mental maths skills and strategies to help with basic number skills. We expect you to know your number bonds to 10 and 20 and to be able to add 2 and 3 digit numbers in your head.


We have now finished our swimming lessons for the year!  The children were amazing during their swimming lessons and have progressed so much!  From now on our PE lessons will be on a Monday and a Friday, we will be using these in the first two weeks of term for our final Country Dance rehearsals before moving on to new skills!



The homework this Easter break is to grow your own tomato plants!  We have been learning all about plants this term in Science, remember Lion Class water is best for growing plants (not coke cola, washing up liquid, lemonade, orange juice or chocolate milkshake!!!)  I look forward to seeing pictures of your plants when you come back to school.


Don't forget Mrs Corner's worksheet either, this is just to see what you know about Sea Explorers before starting the topic this term.  The sheet will be stuck into your topic books so please don't stick it into your homework books!!!



Home reading

Regular reading at home and keeping your reading record up to date is important to build on reading done at school. Now you are in the Juniors, changing finished books is your responsibility and your books must be in school every day please. There is also time for quiet reading most afternoons, this allows our students time to read their books in their own time and enjoy books, this will mean that this time will not be recorded in their Reading Record books but as Juniors they are expected to follow what they have read responsibly.

Many thanks Miss Wickison and Mrs Corner

Shorne Wood

Above are some of the pictures from our class trip to Shorne Wood, the children really enjoyed the day and were fascinated by the different pond life that they were able to find in our afternoon of pond dipping.  In the morning we completed a long woodland walk and discovered a faerie ring, did you know that there is a faerie city/castle below the woodland?  I didn't either, but Lion Class insist that its true.

Art - Pointillism

Magnets with a surprise teacher!

Sorting 2D shapes, not as easy as we first thought!

Science Experiment - What Liquid best helps plants to grow?

Geography - Drop Cover Hold!!

Healthy Pizzas!

Meet the Teacher Presentation!

BFG Fever!

Strike It Out - Homework

This week the students have been ask to play an addition/subtraction game for their homework. We have played it twice as a class and they beat the teacher both times!!! For more information about the game there is a video link below and a further link here:

I hope that you enjoy playing the game this week, lets see if you can beat Miss Wickison again on Monday!!

Stone Age Boy


In English we have been reading and exploring a book called Stone Age Boy, in the photos below we are doing drama activities to help us talk about what different character's might be thinking or feeling, we have also sequenced the story and made a set of actions to remind us what happens and in what order.  This week we have started to create our own characters and settings so that we can write our own version of Stone Age Boy!!!  Something we are all looking forward to!


Maybe if any Year 3 children have a minute at home, they could practice the actions for Stone Age Boy and show their parents?  Who can remember it without Miss Wickison?

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