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24th November 2017


After an Eco Council meeting this lunchtime, we have now completed the Environmental Review, which is part of the Bronze Eco Award. As a group, we had to look at nine different topics and think of ways of improving these within school. 


In a few weeks time, we will be deciding on one topic to focus on, and then creating an action plan. 

November 2017

After selecting two children from each class to become Eco Warriors, we had our first Eco Council meeting. This was a chance for us all to introduce ourselves and understand what was important for the following year.

This year we will be aiming to get the Bronze Eco Schools Award. In order to do this, in our next meeting we will be drawing up an Environmental Review which relates to nine different topics: Biodiversity, Energy, Litter, Waste, Water Saving, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Transport and Global Citizenship. Once this has been completed, as a council we will need to choose one topic and create an action plan for it. 


If you have any ideas for the topic that we should first focus on, please let one of the Eco Council members know. 






Making One Change at a Time

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