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New Reception Intake 2020 - Transition information


Welcome to Lunsford Primary School.

We are so excited for your journey and can't wait for you to start in September 2020.

This page will be used to share with you what life is like in Panda Class (reception) and to help you and your child feel fully prepared for starting with us. 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate in contacting the school. 

Welcome to Panda Class letter, informing you of what happens at Lunsford Primary School.

What you will need when you start school:

Water bottle: Please ensure you bring a named water bottle with a straw. If the water bottle is see through we can monitor how much your child is drinking.

example of water bottle

Bag: Please ensure your child brings in a named dispatched bags. These fit everything we need in beautifully. We do not have space for rucksacks in class at all.

Change of clothes:

We would like your child to have a spare pair of clothes in their bag at all times. Please keep this spare set in a carrier bag. You child may have been dry for a long time now, but when they are busy and things are different children can forget to go. Having their own spare clothes in their bag is a huge comfort to them. It also helps us to build independence, if they do need changing we can pass them their own clothes and they can get sorted themselves. The clothes are not just for accidents, if your child gets wet on a rainy day or falls over these clothes are so helpful.


Your child will need to bring with them a named pair of wellies. We wear these wellies on rainy playtimes as well as in forest schools. We have a welly rack in outside area to keep them safe.

Meet the teachers:

Mrs Root-Hicks

Hello, I am Panda class teacher. I have been teaching for over 12 years and have been at Lunsford for over 3 years. I work 4 days a week, Monday - Thursday and on a Friday I am busy being a mummy. I have a 7 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. I fully appreciate how much children need to play and how much they learn through play as well as needing a structure to their day. I am a very honest and open teacher and my door is very much open. If you ever need to talk to me I am always there. I know life is uncertain at the moment and we have all faced difficulties, as a working mummy I fully appreciate that we have all been juggling a lot recently. At Lunsford we are a family and we are here to support you on this journey. School is a two way partnership and we can't do this without you, you are so important in your child's life and that doesn't stop when they start school.  Reception is so much fun and you will see your child blossom so much, I can't wait to start the journey with you!

Mrs Dove,

Mrs Dove will be teaching in Panda Class on Fridays.


The TA in Panda Class is Mrs Coster.


Meet the staff in and around school: 

Panda classroom: 




Readiness for school: 



Speech is a key resource for a child in Reception class. So much of our day is spent talking to our peers in our play. Here is a website which can help support your child's speech progress. 
Here is a website for you to help prepare your child for their school journey. 


We're Going on a Bear Hunt read by Mrs Root-Hicks.

Still image for this video
Other useful information: 

Lunsford letter formation - if your child is already starting to write letters/ their name then please use this sheet to help them form their letters correctly.


At Lunsford we use Tapestry. This has worked so well to share with parents what their child is up to in the day, as well as for parents to connect with the school and share special moments; birthdays, being able to ride their bike for the first time, camp overs etc. Over the summer I will set you all up on Tapestry and ask you to upload a photo of your child so that I can familiarise myself with your child before I meet them on the 'meet the teacher' session in September.