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Lunsford: A Journey of Success and Excellence

Lunsford Building Project

Building Plan

The temporary accomodation will consist of a main office block, 3 double classroom units (Y1/Y2, Y3/Y4, Y5/Y6), a single classroom (Reception Class), a kitchen and storage unit.


Main Office Block 

The main office block (see below for the plan) incorporates the Hall where we will have our assemblies and lunch. Next to the Hall is the Library and Computer Suite in one large room with the Library on the left hand side and the Computer Suite on the right hand side. We will be able to timetable both computing sessions for skills and topic research and dedicated library time for each class with the added bonus of using the computer suite for additional research purposes during class library time. As well as the Computer Suite we have two banks of IPads which will be able to be used in the classrooms. 


At the far right hand side of the main office block is a dedicated music, art and design technology room. Violin lessons will take place in our music room as well as piano lessons and class music lessons. The room can also be used as an Art Room or DT room by a whole class or in smaller groups. 


The main office block also comprises of the front office, Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and SENCO offices as well as a staff room, storage room and additional toilet facilities for pupils and adults.  


There will be three double classrooms towards the back of the field. Each classroom has access to their own toilets, has their own storage area for curriculum resources, as well as having their own sink. 


The Reception classroom will be situated on the left hand side and will have a 5m canopy incorporated into the design as well as a fenced area to allow for continuous provision and outside play for the children. 

Building Work Update - August 2021

Over the summer holidays the temporary accommodation has been delivered and put in place. It comprised of 30 modular units in total. The generator has been delivered as well as the kitchen and storage unit onto the site. Work is still underway in fitting out the units.