Lunsford primary school

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Staff - Who's Who

Headteacher - Mr Anscombe
Deputy Headteacher -  Mrs Lomax
Senior Leadership Team - Mrs Challans (EYFS Lead) Mrs Tervet (English Lead)

Zebra Class Teacher - 
Mrs Lomax and Mrs Adams
Tiger Class Teacher -  Miss Walker
Koala Class Teachers - Mrs Abbott and Mrs Davies 
Lion Class Teachers -  Miss Wickison 
Giraffe Class Teacher - Mrs Tervet and Mrs Root-Hicks
Elephant Class Teachers - Miss Kilvington and Mrs Dove 
Panda Class Teacher - Mrs Challans


PPA cover - Mrs Corner and Mrs Dove 

Specialist P.E Teacher - Mr Dickinson
Mrs Collins
Family Liaison Officer - Mrs Till


Please see attached copy of Subject Roles and Responsibilities

Classroom Assistants
Zebra Class - 
Mrs Cripps
Tiger Class - Mrs Jacobs
Koala Class - Mr Murray
Lion Class - Mrs Coster, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Lewis-Webber 
Giraffe Class - 
Mrs James 
Elephant Class - Mrs Webb, Mrs Hull and Mrs Rushton 
Panda Class - 
Mrs Birchard 


Office Staff
Office Manager - 
Mrs Mead
Admin Assistant - Mrs Quinn
Business Manager - Mrs Beck

Premises Staff
Caretaker - Mr Palmer

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Marchese, Mrs Messenger, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Shaw and Mrs Thomas 

House Points

  • 182 Chartwell
  • 200 Hever
  • 209 Knole
  • 223 Penshurst
We have had 2 1 5 3 6 visitors