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Elephant (Year 1)



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Welcome to Year 1! Elephant Class is taught by Miss Kilvington (Monday to Friday) and Mrs Dove (Thursday), and supported by Mrs Webb, Mrs Rushton and Mrs Hull. We hope that your child’s time in Elephant class will be fun, exciting and successful! 

Please do feel free to speak to us if you ever have any concerns or questions. Please could you also let us know if someone else is picking your child up from school.


New Messages for Term 4


P.E. days - Our PE days are still Mondays (with our P.E. specialist teacher) and Wednesdays. No earrings on those days please. Girls who wear tights to school will need socks in their P.E. bags to wear with their plimsolls. Also as the weather is still cold, can you please make sure children have appropriate outdoor P.E clothing.


Forest School - We are lucky enough to now experience forest school every 3 weeks! Dates to be sent out separately.


Library books are now changed on Thursdays. Please make sure that books are returned in a named bag to protect the book and help us to change them quickly.


Reading – Reading books will be changed once a week, but please don’t think you have to read the same books over and over again! We love to see that you are reading a variety of texts , and it is so valuable for them to see that ‘reading’ does not just mean the school reading scheme! Even if it is just reading a magazine or a menu!

You can record any reading in the reading record. Do also spend time talking about the books with your child, looking for punctuation, encouraging expression, using phonics to sound out words, predicting or making up new endings, etc.


Phonics – Year 1 are working towards the phonic screening assessment in June. They will be required by the government to read a variety of words, both real and made up (‘alien’ words) using their phonic skills. Any practice at home to segment and blend together the sounds in words would really help your child's confidence.


Spelling - We will be sending home spellings every Thursday containing sounds learnt during the week and some tricky words. Please can you ask your child to practice writing these at home, then bring them back to school the following Thursday to receive their reward!


Handwriting – We are now moving onto joining our letters in our handwriting.



Elephant Class – Term 4


Literacy – This term we are looking at 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. Whilst looking at these texts, we will focus on how to write in full sentences, use punctuation correctly (full stops, capital letters, question marks, exclamation marks), use phonics to spell words and writing in a range of genres (fact files, descriptive writing, story writing etc.)


Maths - This term we are focusing on:

Length/height - To practically measure using non-standard units, use vocabulary related to measuring, answer practical problems.

Multiplication- To be able to double numbers, count in 2's, 5's and 10's, use repeated addition to multiply, use arrays to practically answer multiplication calculations, answer practical problems.

Division - To be able to halve numbers, practically grouping/sharing to divide objects/pictures, answer practical problems.


Geography - N/A

History - The Victorians (home and school life)

R.E. - Christianity

Science - Animals including humans

P.E - Dance



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