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Elephant (Year 1)

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung! 1

Spring has Sprung!




Thank you for your continued support in reading with your child whenever you can and helping them learn their 'tricky words'; it really makes such a huge difference to your child's learning!


Please read on to see what we'll be learning this term and look at some pictures.

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Victorian Day - Kent Life

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Elephant class topics – Spring Term


Literacy – This term we are looking at the author, Julia Donaldson, including Superworm and The Magic Paintbrush.  We will also be concentrating on writing in full sentences, using phonics to spell unknown words, learning tricky words and using adjectives.

We will also be looking at the features of Non-Fiction and alphabetical order.


Maths - topics will include:

Counting to and beyond 100 from any number and back again.

Money (recognising coins, making amounts to 20p and above, change from amounts to 20p)

Addition and subtraction to 100, including calculations with 'missing numbers' - e.g. 26 + __ = 35 or __ - 7 = 21.

Number and place value (tens and ones).

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Telling the time to the half hour, moving to quarter past and quarter to.



Term 3 – Seasonal Change (Winter)

We will continue to monitor the weather every week, recording the weather, temperature, rainfall and type of clouds.

We will look at winter and early spring seasonal changes, and consider ourselves lucky that we’ve had some snow at last!

Term 4 – Animals including humans (more details will be on our class website page nearer the time).



Term 3 - The topic will be ‘All Change’ and will look at how home and school life has changed in the last 100 years.



Term 4 - We will be looking at cold places in the world, particularly the Antarctic and Arctic.



We are going to be finding out about Judaism including Jewish symbols, customs and traditions. Also Jewish leaders - Abraham and Moses.



General information about Elephant class

Elephant class is taught by Mrs Corner (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Davies (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).  They are supported by Mrs Webb and Mrs Coster.

We hope that your child’s time in Elephant class will be happy and successful. Please do speak to us if you ever have any concerns or questions about your child.

Please could you let us know if someone else is picking your child up from school.


P.E. days are Mondays (with our P.E. specialist teacher) and Thursdays. No earrings on those days please. Girls who wear tights to school will need socks in their P.E. bags to wear with their plimsolls please.


School bags – not too big please as our cloakroom is very small.


Library books are changed on Thursdays. Please make sure that books are returned in a named bag to protect the book and help us to change them quickly.


Reading – Please read with your child every day, as this is crucial at this stage of development and it will make such a difference to their progress. Reading books will be changed once a week but please don’t think you have to read the same books over and over again. We love to see that you are reading a variety of books/comics etc. with your child and it is so valuable for them to see that ‘reading’ does not just mean the school reading scheme. You can record any reading in the reading record. Do also spend time talking about the books with your child, looking for punctuation, encouraging expression, predicting or making up new endings, etc.


Phonics – Year 1 are working towards the phonic screening assessment in June. They will be required by the government to read a variety of words, both real and made up (‘alien’ words) using their phonic skills.


Spelling - We are working very hard on getting the children to spell common, familiar words correctly. For example, was, saw, come, some, play, played (not plad!). Every week we will focus on a group of tricky words to spell.


Handwriting – We are learning to form all of our letters correctly, mainly starting at the top of the letter and going down (except 'e').



Elephant class topics – Autumn Term


Literacy – This term we are looking at Elmer the Elephant and Tyrannosaurus Drip.


Maths - topics will include:

Money (recognising coins, making amounts to 20p and above, change from amounts to 20p)

Addition and subtraction with 100.

Number and place value (tens and ones).

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Measuring weight and time to solve problems.


History (Term 1) – Famous People - Florence Nightingale and Guy Fawkes.

Geography (Term 2) – Weather around the UK and its affect on farming.

R.E. - Christianity.

Science - Autumn / Winter seasonal changes, and Materials.



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